Breast Augmentation
(Augmentation Mammaplasty)

Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure where implants are used to increase the size and sometimes enhance the form of the breast. Most women seeking Breast Augmentation want a natural looking result, but occasionally a patient is seeking a larger, more enhanced look.

Breast Augmentation is achieved by inserting either saline or silicone implants above or below the chest muscles. Incisions can be made under the breast in the fold, around the areola, or in the armpit.

Recovery time after breast augmentation surgery is usually 1-2 weeks, however, slight bruising or swelling can last for several months after surgery.

During your consultation with Dr. El-Sheikh, you will discuss your reasons for wanting Breast Augmentation, your goals for breast enhancement and the best surgical options to achieve your desired breast shape and size.

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For further reading about Breast Augmentation visit: procedures/AugmentationMammoplasty.cfm